Bush Food Feast at Woodford Folk Festival 2020 – Shot by Tessa Marianne


“We create for the purpose of being unique, giving our clients a truly one of a kind experience.”

Three Little Birds is run by indigenous chef Chris Jordan, a Koori man born in Maclean, New South Wales on traditional Bunjalung land.

Three Little Birds started as an pop up event company in London. Hosting many quirky events throughout the UK including successful charity events for Macmillan Cancer, Roy Castle Lung Foundation & Royal London Society For The Blind.

Using native ingredients, ancient knowledge of customs and techniques to make food that just doesn’t just taste good but also work to acknowledge, educate and celebrate the unique culture and natural resources Australia has to offer.



“We strive to use the most local produce, incorporating native and foraged produce into our menus.”

Since learning of his indigenous ancestry founder Chris Jordan has focused his work on native Australian ingredients and studies Indigenous Philosophy at University Of South Australia. With this heritage, love and respect for the earth Three Little Birds spreads a message of positivity and strives to conserve ancient knowledge.



“We are aware of our impact on the environment and use sustainable and ethical solutions to try keep our waste to a minimum.”

Chris has been in the Food Industry most of his working life mainly in the Sydney working under renowned chefs Peter Kuravita, Colin Fassindge and most recently Jock Zonfrillo.

With his heritage and a love and respect for the earth Three Little Birds spreads a message of positivity and strives to conserve ancient knowledge.

Chris’ goal is to work towards a more sustainable future by sharing his love for native food and tips in utilising and making the most of produce with a modern twist.

He considers traditional food and knowledge to be an effective weapon in the fight against the environmental issues that Australia faces today.

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We acknowledge the Turrbul and Jagera Peoples as traditional custodians of this land, we also pay respects to Elders past, present and those emerging who strive to build a better and more sustainable future for generations to come. Who’s ancient knowledge and respect for Country will be the driving force in solving many modern issues we face today.

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