Myrtle Fermented Cabbage

To celebrate the launch of My Dilly Bag and our virtual online workshops we’re sharing our recipe for delicious fermented cabbage with three different myrtles. We’re currently in the process of filming our Native Sustainable Seafood and Fermentation Class.

Due to COVID-19 we’re unable to hold our events and pop-ups so we’ll be sharing our experience on our blog. Try out this recipe and improve your gut health while eating native Australian produce.

We’ve used fresh myrtle but you can find dried products online at

Traditional Uses

Lemon Myrtle
Traditionally used for nutritional and healing benefits. Chewing the leaves provided a boost of vitamins and minerals while the antibacterial properties helped ward off infection. The leaves were also ground into a paste and applied to skin afflictions.

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper
The fresh berries would be crushed and mixed with water to make an effective antibacterial paste that would be applied to infected gums or teeth as well as rashes or skin abrasions. The bark was also boiled into a liquid tonic to aid digestion.


Myrtle Fermented Cabbage

Number of serves: 5 Prep Time: 10 mins Cooking Time: 5 mins


8g of rosemary salt and 400ml water (2% salt brine)

Lemon myrtle

Mountain pepper

Cinnamon Myrtle

Curry Myrtle

1/2 red cabbage


  • Make brine by brining 8g of salt and 400ml water to the boil with aromas


  • Cut cabbage into bite size chunks
  • Move cabbage and brine to sterilised jars or vac seal into bags


  • If jarring cover the cabbage completely with brine and cover with a cabbage leaf or weight to fully submerge


  • Leave to ferment for at least 4 days at room temperature or up to two weeks for a stronger flavour at room temperature


So give this recipe a try, boost your immune system, improve digestion and enjoy!

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Bush Food Feast @ Woodford Folk Festival

Unfortunately this year’s Woodford Tree Planting Festival has been cancelled. But We thoroughly enjoyed cooking along side Aunty Dale Chapman and partnering with Sobah native non-alcoholic beverages over New Years 2019.


Woodford Folk Festival is held annually over six days and six nights, from Dec 27th through to January 1st. More than 2,000 local, national and international, artists, musicians and presenters put on over 438 acts to an audience of an estimated 132,000 people. The festival begins each year with the iconic Opening Ceremony and closes with the spectacular showcase, the Fire Event on New Year’s Day. This year will be the 35th Woodford Folk Festival and the 28th held at Woodfordia. It is the largest gathering of artists and musicians in Australia.


The Woodford festival experience is deep, rich and colourful. It is based on a vision of inclusive and creative community, culture and tradition passed through generations, expressed through story and ceremony. The site, a former barren dairy farm, has been lovingly regenerated with over 120,000 subtropical rain forest trees, orchids, ferns and sedges, planted to create a habitat for butterflies and wildlife.

Woodfordia is transformed into a village that hosts over 25,000 daily patrons, performers, stallholders, volunteers and organisers. As many as 2,680 volunteers across 162 departments are at the heart of the organisation and contribute to the setup and day-to-day running of the festival. During the event, the festival is actually the 67th largest town in Australia.


We cooked a native Australian feast, four courses for over 100 guests in the middle of the festival. We hoped to inspire our guests to cook with bush foods and love them just as much as we do!

Bush Food Menu 2019

Watch the Bush Food Feast Video shot by the talented Tessa Marianne Photography.


Summer Pop Up at Wandering Cooks

From October 2019 we started to test our food concepts every Friday night, Saturday lunch & dinner at the friendly warehouse of Wandering Cooks. It was such a great experience full of laughter, local produce and even a mention in Brisbane Times!


Wandering Cooks is the hub of the Brisbane food community, uniting artisan food producers, chefs, buyers, suppliers, educators and the food-loving public. Located on the corner of Cordelia St and Fish Lane Wandering Cooks provides a platform and incubation for small food businesses with a locally sourced outlook and all about sustainability.


“Starting Three Little Birds for Chris Jordan stems from his Indigenous ancestry. This ancestry was lost in his family due to social and political issues. Since immersing himself in his heritage, food has solidified his journey through story, sourcing and connection.

Chris has worked in kitchens since the age of 16 under Peter Kuravita at Flying Fish Restaurant in Sydney. Aunty Dale Chapman plays a huge role in Jordan’s passion and knowledge with native Australian ingredients that is always growing.

Typical flavours on the Three Little Birds menu are: earthy, smoky and unusual. Dishes such as Native Salt Baked Sweet Potato and Orange Myrtle Carrots both charred on Gidgee Coals, Mountain Pepper Spiced Brownie. You will enjoy Jordan’s food when you want something locally unique, plant based with a hint of optional fresh seafood.

VJ’s Seafood is proving to be one of Jordan’s favourite suppliers. “Neil’s passion and knowledge of native sustainable seafood is endless and always ensures we get a spectacular product!”

Chris Jordan’s dream for Three Little Birds is to create the projects flood my brain at night. Entire immersive experiences combing indigenous culture, dance, story telling, native ingredients and multimedia into events.”

Wandering Cooks – Three Little Birds, Small Batch Directory

With the help of Hillevi, Molly & Juila we were able to sucessfully launch on December 7th! Really couldn’t of done it with out them =)

What’s Cooking?

Three Little Birds Menu

We kept a small menu to make the most of changing ingredients from small suppliers such as Falls Farm, along with native vegan dishes we also cooked sustainable native fish over coals.


Creating specials weekly with the freshest catch from their own boats, supplied by Neil and the team at VJ’s.


Coffin Bay Oysters with blue quandong & lemon aspen jelly, radish pearls



Charred Bundaberg Cuttlefish with Falls Farm heirloom squash & ink


We absolutely loved our time at Wandering Cooks but unfortunately due to health reasons we had to cut the pop up short finishing up in January this year.

We plan to operate from Wandering Cooks to bring you a native, sustainable & locally sourced product line and catering menu available in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Catering Menu

Product List

IMG_5246 We are also bringing our creative native food to pop ups and cooking classes to Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast this year. Teaming up with Aunty Dale Chapman we’ll be showcasing native ingredients, sustainable seafood, vegan cheese making and tips to get a taste of Three Little Birds at home.

Future pop ups planned for this year include working with Woodford Folk Festival, Blaklash and a very exciting series of “Forage, Fire, Feast” events set in beautiful bush land with performance by traditional owners.


Stay tuned for the next chapter with the birds!



Media Coverage

Brisbane Times – Feature Article

Brisbane Times – Ancient Superfood

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Slow Food Brisbane Dinner

On Monday we cooked a dinner for The Supper of Indigenous Tastes – Celebrating Slow Food Brisbane’s Terra Madre Japan and Slow Cheese Italy 2019 Attendee Experience & AGM.


On the menu was:

Myrtle & paperbark smoked chicken

Saltbush & seaweed kanagroo loin cooked in Fair Game Venison jus

Orange & myrtle carrots and ancient grains from Sovereign Foods

Macadamia, charred peach & green bean salad with homegrown & foraged herbs


Fair Game Venison who support struggling farmers, relieving environmental stress and feeding people premium quality, exceptionally healthy, ethically harvested wild venison, based on the north coast of NSW.

My Dilly Bag is run by mentor Aunty Dale Chapman, who creates an indigenous supply chain of native ingredients and who’s knowledge of bush foods is second to none. My Dilly Bag provide Three Little Birds with all our native produce.

Foraged or home grown ingredients: Along with native ingredients from Aunty Dale we use native and non native ingredients grown ourselves or found in the wild.

Sovereign Foods is a supplier of Australian grown pantry produce. We provide both wholesale and retail access to the finest range of organic and chemical free produce, including pulses, grains, flours, nuts, oils, vinegars, dried fruit and preserves.

Dale Chapman recapped on her 2019 Slow Food Terra Madre presentation in Japan titled: Indigenous Peoples Food System’s and Climate Change and Wendy Downes shared how her current knowledge about Cheese around the globe and recounted her experience at Slow Cheese in Bra Italy 2019.

It was lovely to meet such a friendly and locally sourced minded people and sit down to chat about our story and passion for native ingredients.

For more information on Slow Food Brisbane check out


Elysian Retreat, Whitsundays

I was lucky enough to be a part of the opening of The Elysian Retreat on Long Island In The Whitsundays Queensland. I worked with the General Manager Charlton to set up the kitchen for guests on their 100% solar powered and rain water eco-friendly project; the first of it’s kind on The Great Barrier Reef, in Australia.


The retreat offers a relaxed atmosphere, spa therapy, yoga and healing. Perfect for those who want to switch off and enjoy some piece and quiet and with only a maximum of 20 guests that privately are helicoptered on this picturesque island it is definitely somewhere to escape.

While working on the menus with fellow chef Josh, Charlton showed me the mechanics of the sustainable operation from solar batteries to eco-friendly plumbing. It was truly a huge achievement to be solely dependant on weather.


The challenge was delivering daily changing menu on such a secluded island. We came up with dishes inspired by the the landscape and from the beautiful produce local suppliers had to offer with a touch of Native Australian flare.


It was an absolute pleasure to work on this project, for more details or how to book check out Elysian Retreat.

Whitsundays, QLD, 4802