Behind the scenes for Gateway Education

Last Thursday we teamed up with Aunty Dale Chapman from My Dilly Bag to film short videos for Gateway Education. Using six “hero” native ingredients Aunty Dale spoke about traditional uses and shared some of her endless knowledge while Three Little Birds cooked recipes using each one as the focus.

Cooking delish native dishes from paperbark smoked kangaroo with mountain pepper & seaweed to lemon myrtle biscuits with ooray jam and anise myrtle meringue.


We were lucky enough to use the kitchen at Redbank Plains State High School which is home to Platters on Willow run by Kara Pulou. Platters on Willow is a unique school-based enterprise providing catering services using school-based apprentices and showcasing Australian native and indigenous-inspired foods.
The food prepared by their students is a ‘message stick’ to communicate to the wider community their skills.

“We teach our students about growing and preparing indigenous flavours and how to use these in food preparation, presentation and service. Many of our students have rich cultural heritages and we are hoping to teach them a love of unique ingredients and hospitality, and give them an employment edge into the future.”

What a unique approach to hands on education! We had such a blast filming with the girls, love the concept and would happily work with them in the future!

We used some of our products available at My Dilly Bag. If you haven’t already had a look at new site, pop on over!

Looking forward to filming our next workshops soon!



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