Native Dukkah

Vegan, gluten free. preservative free

Made with local macadamia, chia & sunflower seeds and spiced with native aromas perfect on salads, hummus, eggs or a crust for salmon or lamb. Addictive!


Davidson Plum Jam

Vegan, gluten free. preservative free

This sweet but very tangy is made with Booyong Davidson Plum (ooray). Perfect between shortbread or in ice-cream. Also a great addition to local cheese.


Wattleseed & Onion Marmalade

Vegan, gluten free. preservative free

This savoury condiment is bold and flavourful. Made with local onions and is perfect on a cheddar sandwich or some kangaroo salami. Makes any cheese or grazing board pop!


Saltbush & Seaweed Spice

Contains Fish

Made with Tasmanian seaweed and local saltbush this umami mix lifts any seafood into the next dimension! Grilled prawns, scallops, fish, oysters… you name it! Season popcorn or crisps. One for the home or professionals!


We use native ingredients at the forefront of our recipes so you can enjoy the full flavour of the bush, no preservatives or added nasties. Our core range is sometimes joined with seasonal specials we cook up and offer as a limited stock, so stay sharp!


My Dilly Bag

5B/354 Mons Rd,

Forest Glen QLD 4556

Jala Jala Treats

1/7 Thamer Street,

Capel Sound, Victoria, 3939

Wandering Cooks

63 Vulture St,

West End QLD 4101

The Cheeseboard Cave

31 Wolverhampton

St Stafford QLD 4053

Open House

73 Vulture St,

West End QLD 4101

Cooee Cafe

1/7 Thamer Street

Capel Sound, VIC, 3940

Order Directly from Three Little Birds

We acknowledge the Turrbul and Jagera Peoples as traditional custodians of this land, we also pay respects to Elders past, present and those emerging who strive to build a better and more sustainable future for generations to come. Who’s ancient knowledge and respect for Country will be the driving force in solving many modern issues we face today.

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