Longitude 131

This year I had the opportunity to visit Longitude 131 and Uluru. Working in the kitchen with Mark Godbeer, he took me through the native Australian produce they had on offer. Longitude 131° offers some the best of contemporary Australian cuisine, curated from the finest produce from all around the country, combined with indigenous and outback flavours to create a unique taste of Australia.

“Chef Mark Goodbeer and his team have a real passion for translating the desert experience to the plate and menus are aligned with the indigenous seasons. Guests are intrigued by the flavours and textures of the bush on the menu, with desert-foraged herbs, finger limes, muntrie berries, quandongs and Davidson plums creating a uniquely local dining experience.”

Table 131° is without doubt the perfect way to wind down after a day of discovery.

Dine out on sumptuous outback fare and discover the wonders of the night sky.  Arrive to the venue after dark and feast on four delicious courses complemented with the finest Australian wines. Later, Longitude’s resident astronomer regales the gathering with tales of the Southerly constellations.

Longitude 131

Yulara Drive
Yulara NT 0872 Australia
T (61) 08 8957 7131

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