Woppa Island


Late last year I had the pleasure to visit Great Keppel Island (Woppa) and surroundings while working with The Waterline Restaurant and meet one of the traditional owners Nerak Morris.

Nerak is from the Woppaburra Nation and runs cultural tours in collaboration with Keppel Connections and is a great way to submergre yourself in the local culture.

“Our Woppaburra ancestors were the first nation Aboriginal inhabitants of what are now known as the Keppel Islands which lay off the Capricorn Coast, Central Queensland. Our ancestors were sea-faring saltwater people, island specialists living off the island environment and surrounding inshore reefs and ocean. The main islands occupied, were Konomie (North Keppel Island), Woppa (South/Great Keppel Island), and Burye (Humpy Island), and our ancestors travelled between these and other islands in the group for seasonal food collection, while Konomie and Woppa were the primary island locations for fresh water supply.”

Keppel Konnections ferry service is a comfortable and fast way to visit Great Keppel Island. Departing from the Keppel Bay Marina, Keppel Konnections operate 7 days a week with twice daily services to Great Keppel Island. Extra services may be available subject to demand.

While bushwalking and snorkelling I found many native ingredients that inspired dishes for future events.




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