Slow Food Brisbane Dinner

On Monday we cooked a dinner for The Supper of Indigenous Tastes – Celebrating Slow Food Brisbane’s Terra Madre Japan and Slow Cheese Italy 2019 Attendee Experience & AGM.


On the menu was:

Myrtle & paperbark smoked chicken

Saltbush & seaweed kanagroo loin cooked in Fair Game Venison jus

Orange & myrtle carrots and ancient grains from Sovereign Foods

Macadamia, charred peach & green bean salad with homegrown & foraged herbs


Fair Game Venison who support struggling farmers, relieving environmental stress and feeding people premium quality, exceptionally healthy, ethically harvested wild venison, based on the north coast of NSW.

My Dilly Bag is run by mentor Aunty Dale Chapman, who creates an indigenous supply chain of native ingredients and who’s knowledge of bush foods is second to none. My Dilly Bag provide Three Little Birds with all our native produce.

Foraged or home grown ingredients: Along with native ingredients from Aunty Dale we use native and non native ingredients grown ourselves or found in the wild.

Sovereign Foods is a supplier of Australian grown pantry produce. We provide both wholesale and retail access to the finest range of organic and chemical free produce, including pulses, grains, flours, nuts, oils, vinegars, dried fruit and preserves.

Dale Chapman recapped on her 2019 Slow Food Terra Madre presentation in Japan titled: Indigenous Peoples Food System’s and Climate Change and Wendy Downes shared how her current knowledge about Cheese around the globe and recounted her experience at Slow Cheese in Bra Italy 2019.

It was lovely to meet such a friendly and locally sourced minded people and sit down to chat about our story and passion for native ingredients.

For more information on Slow Food Brisbane check out


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