Summer Pop Up at Wandering Cooks

From October 2019 we started to test our food concepts every Friday night, Saturday lunch & dinner at the friendly warehouse of Wandering Cooks. It was such a great experience full of laughter, local produce and even a mention in Brisbane Times!


Wandering Cooks is the hub of the Brisbane food community, uniting artisan food producers, chefs, buyers, suppliers, educators and the food-loving public. Located on the corner of Cordelia St and Fish Lane Wandering Cooks provides a platform and incubation for small food businesses with a locally sourced outlook and all about sustainability.


“Starting Three Little Birds for Chris Jordan stems from his Indigenous ancestry. This ancestry was lost in his family due to social and political issues. Since immersing himself in his heritage, food has solidified his journey through story, sourcing and connection.

Chris has worked in kitchens since the age of 16 under Peter Kuravita at Flying Fish Restaurant in Sydney. Aunty Dale Chapman plays a huge role in Jordan’s passion and knowledge with native Australian ingredients that is always growing.

Typical flavours on the Three Little Birds menu are: earthy, smoky and unusual. Dishes such as Native Salt Baked Sweet Potato and Orange Myrtle Carrots both charred on Gidgee Coals, Mountain Pepper Spiced Brownie. You will enjoy Jordan’s food when you want something locally unique, plant based with a hint of optional fresh seafood.

VJ’s Seafood is proving to be one of Jordan’s favourite suppliers. “Neil’s passion and knowledge of native sustainable seafood is endless and always ensures we get a spectacular product!”

Chris Jordan’s dream for Three Little Birds is to create the projects flood my brain at night. Entire immersive experiences combing indigenous culture, dance, story telling, native ingredients and multimedia into events.”

Wandering Cooks – Three Little Birds, Small Batch Directory

With the help of Hillevi, Molly & Juila we were able to sucessfully launch on December 7th! Really couldn’t of done it with out them =)

What’s Cooking?

Three Little Birds Menu

We kept a small menu to make the most of changing ingredients from small suppliers such as Falls Farm, along with native vegan dishes we also cooked sustainable native fish over coals.


Creating specials weekly with the freshest catch from their own boats, supplied by Neil and the team at VJ’s.


Coffin Bay Oysters with blue quandong & lemon aspen jelly, radish pearls



Charred Bundaberg Cuttlefish with Falls Farm heirloom squash & ink


We absolutely loved our time at Wandering Cooks but unfortunately due to health reasons we had to cut the pop up short finishing up in January this year.

We plan to operate from Wandering Cooks to bring you a native, sustainable & locally sourced product line and catering menu available in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Catering Menu

Product List

IMG_5246 We are also bringing our creative native food to pop ups and cooking classes to Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast this year. Teaming up with Aunty Dale Chapman we’ll be showcasing native ingredients, sustainable seafood, vegan cheese making and tips to get a taste of Three Little Birds at home.

Future pop ups planned for this year include working with Woodford Folk Festival, Blaklash and a very exciting series of “Forage, Fire, Feast” events set in beautiful bush land with performance by traditional owners.


Stay tuned for the next chapter with the birds!



Media Coverage

Brisbane Times – Feature Article

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