Myrtle Fermented Cabbage

To celebrate the launch of My Dilly Bag and our virtual online workshops we’re sharing our recipe for delicious fermented cabbage with three different myrtles. We’re currently in the process of filming our Native Sustainable Seafood and Fermentation Class.

Due to COVID-19 we’re unable to hold our events and pop-ups so we’ll be sharing our experience on our blog. Try out this recipe and improve your gut health while eating native Australian produce.

We’ve used fresh myrtle but you can find dried products online at

Traditional Uses

Lemon Myrtle
Traditionally used for nutritional and healing benefits. Chewing the leaves provided a boost of vitamins and minerals while the antibacterial properties helped ward off infection. The leaves were also ground into a paste and applied to skin afflictions.

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper
The fresh berries would be crushed and mixed with water to make an effective antibacterial paste that would be applied to infected gums or teeth as well as rashes or skin abrasions. The bark was also boiled into a liquid tonic to aid digestion.


Myrtle Fermented Cabbage

Number of serves: 5 Prep Time: 10 mins Cooking Time: 5 mins


8g of rosemary salt and 400ml water (2% salt brine)

Lemon myrtle

Mountain pepper

Cinnamon Myrtle

Curry Myrtle

1/2 red cabbage


  • Make brine by brining 8g of salt and 400ml water to the boil with aromas


  • Cut cabbage into bite size chunks
  • Move cabbage and brine to sterilised jars or vac seal into bags


  • If jarring cover the cabbage completely with brine and cover with a cabbage leaf or weight to fully submerge


  • Leave to ferment for at least 4 days at room temperature or up to two weeks for a stronger flavour at room temperature


So give this recipe a try, boost your immune system, improve digestion and enjoy!

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